Conan’s Skelevision Halloween

February 22nd, 2009 by John Wolfe

In honor of Conan O’Brien’s last episode of Late Night (this past Friday) – I did a little searching for a still image from his old Skelevision Halloween special. In case you missed it, Skelevision featured an all Bucky Skeleton rendition of a Late Night show from May of 2006 – even Max and the band were baring it all! The audio from the original episode was paired up with some bony puppeteering to create the October 31st special.

Pictured is Larry King being interviewed by Conan. Larry seems to be the butt of a lot jokes amidst the late night talk show circuit, so I’m guessing that played a role in determining which episode would become “Skelevisioned.”

I’ve enjoyed Conan since he first debuted in ’93. Though I don’t watch much television, I am looking forward to catching up with his future antics every now and again on the Tonight Show. In the immortal words of the man himself, “Keep cool my babies.” He’ll be back on the air soon.

Image source: Photobucket user – LateNightGoddess

2 Responses to “Conan’s Skelevision Halloween”

  1. Jeff Nix - Says:

    This is a great find!

    We have the actual video of this portion archived for later use on our soon to be released retail website for

    I will happily share it with you as soon as we incorporate it in with permissions.

    Thanks for the site as well, I am a fan!

    Jeff Nix –, The boneyards Best Props and Accessories.

  2. John Wolfe Says:

    Awesome! I’m glad to hear you guys have the video, Jeff. I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I looked on You Tube and couldn’t find it. Please keep in touch and let me know when it’s online. Thanks for your message and for your kind words about Season of Shadows!