Fright Catalog Halloween Contest

September 7th, 2008 by John Wolfe

Halloween Corpse

The Fright Catalog Halloween Contest has closed. Thanks for entering. I’d like to congratulate Lisa H. of Indianapolis, Twana Gilles of Oklahoma City and Melissa of Michigan.

In the spirit of Halloween and to show my appreciation to all my visitors for their great support, I’m giving away three Fright Catalog gift cards (valued at $25 each). The Fright Catalog has been a part of my Halloween experience since 1995 (back then they were called Halloween Outlet) and it’s become a tradition to purchase something spooky or scary from their company almost every year since. So this year, instead of buying something for my haunt, I decided to pick up some Halloween items I could pass on to others.

The cards can’t be redeemed on the Fright Catalog website; they must be redeemed over the phone (they have very friendly customer service reps). Each card will include a Fright Catalog to help make your redeeming experience much easier. I’m also throwing in a S.O.S bumper sticker with each prize package.

All my best to everyone!

Guidelines for Entering the Fright Catalog Halloween Contest

Please, only one entry per household. Duplicate entries from the same IP will be deleted. This helps to make it fairer for everyone. There’s no catch here, everything is free- including payment of shipping and handling- I cover all costs. And, I will do everything in my power to make certain you receive the cards and be able to use them before Halloween. To be entered, all you have to do is leave a spooky comment (or anything you like) below, signifying your interest.

Comment entries will not be displayed under this post after moderation, because of the anticipated volume of entries. I guarantee all legitimate comments will be entered. Edit 9/9/08: I’ve changed my mind about showing entries. Everyone that’s entered has been awesome about leaving such cool comments. I’m going to allow the comments as to provide links back to everyone’s Halloween sites (if they have one). As the entries grow, however, I may still remove them.

When leaving a comment, be sure to include your correct email address. The winners of this Fright Catalog Halloween Contest will be contacted through the address that’s registered with their comment. I will never share email addresses, provided by entrants, with any third parties and you’ll never receive unsolicited mail when entering.

The Fright Catalog Halloween Contest will end at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on October 8th, 2008. All legitimate entries will then be assigned a number. Three numbers will be randomly drawn to determine the winners of the Fright Catalog cards.

All three winners will then be notified, via the email addresses they provided, no later than October 9th. If one, or all three don’t respond (with their shipping information) within a week, then one (two or three) more number(s) will be drawn to determine the new winner(s). It’s my goal to get these out prior to Halloween, so the winners can redeem them and hopefully receive their order, from Fright Catalog, before October 31st.

32 Responses to “Fright Catalog Halloween Contest”

  1. Kimberly (halloweenfreak) Says:

    how groovy of you! i love fright catalog and i love all my fiendish friends from gd, you rock.

  2. JJ Skellington Says:

    I am interested in the giveaway. Keep up the great work on your site and for the kind giveaway to your readers and GDers.

    Gotta love Fright Catalog!!! Sit Back, Relax and Rot Away…™

    JJ Skellington

  3. Twana Says:

    Hey John, it’s Kat from ghostdroppings. It’s so very nice of u to make such a generious offer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Mel Says:

    We’re buying a new (to us) house, and its suitability for Halloween was one of our main considerations. It has a creepy barn and a side entrance directly into the basement. Oh, the possibilities!

  5. Dee Says:

    Great website! I loved the videos of props. Very generous of you to give away the Fright Catalog gift cards too. I love Fright Catalog too.

  6. Peggy Shirley Says:

    Love the how-to page, very nice. Of course you know, now I will have to copy some of your ideas….lol. Your site is very nicely done. Stop by anytime, we love everyone and try to convert as many victims, oops, people as possible

    Peggy Shirley
    a.k.a. Pookie

  7. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks guys! :) I wish you all the best with the giveaway! Peggy, feel free to copy away on the prop building. :D

  8. Bobby Medina Says:

    Great wesite John! Lots of cool stuff here. I could use that giftcard this year so maybe the Halloween Gods will reward me with a win.

  9. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, Bobby!

  10. Dave Dead Says:

    Hey John, love the site.. and this is a pretty cool contest!

    Stay ghoul

    -Dave Dead

  11. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, Dave!

  12. Lucretia McEvil Says:

    Boo! What a great contest! Thanks! Lucretia

  13. RecentlyDeceased Says:

    Have a spooktacular day – and an AWESOME OCTOBER!!


  14. WitchWayUK Says:

    Fantastic site. Thoroughly enjoyed your 2008 Haunters Reality vids showing your latest creation. I can see how PumpkinRot has influenced you and yet you have your own creative vibe happening with the painstaking sinew at the 2008 creatures neck and the fog effect from the mouth of the 2007 project. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project. Also enjoyed the informative side comments made during the shooting such as the naming of the background music so others can source the same for their own haunt and the Fogger/PVC pipe mistake. Because of your forthright honesty I now know that fog juice melts PVC. Thanks! ;)

    ~ Tess

  15. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you liked the videos. :) And I’m also glad my learning experiences are helpful along the way i.e. my pvc/fogger nozzle issue…lol!

    Best of luck in the giveaway. Hope you keep checking out the site.

  16. lisa (blackmagickvixen) Says:

    really great website! so much to look at, enjoy and learn! keep up the good work. 45 days left!

  17. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, Lisa. 45 days…wow. Any other time that would seem like forever, but not right now. :)

  18. Bretta Thompson Says:

    I was NEVER allowed to Trick or Treat as a kid, halloween in my family was considered an EVIL Day, A WITCHES DAY. I have never been trick or treating in all my 36 years of life, but I do put up creepy decorations and I DO allow my children to trick or treat. it’s part of the memories they will create and remember when they get “too old” to trick or treat. We don’t look at it as a “witches” holiday. We look at it as a day to dress up as something fun and get LOTS of sweets! This would be a great prize to have! It would make up for those years of NOT GETTING GOODIES!!

  19. Melissa Lewis Says:

    Thanks for the contest! Happy Halloween!

  20. John Wolfe Says:


    I used to trick or treat every year as a kid, but it was never about the candy. It was always about the decorations in the neighbors’ yards!! Glad to hear you are making some great memories for those that visit your house and for your children as well!!

    Thanks for visiting and entering!

  21. courtney Says:

    Hey that sounds really awesome. It would be cool to win that. xDDDD i would bye out the whole book if i could lol

  22. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks for entering, Courtney. Good luck!

  23. tonia Says:

    Your site is “AWESOME”, i have just started to really get into Halloween, so i stumbled by accident to your site, i can`t quit thinking about it, i keep telling all my friends about your web site. I am in charge of putting on a Halloween party for the public. I am a volunteer EMT-I for fire/rescue in our small town. We just opened a new station, and would like to show it off to the public. We thought what better way than with a Halloween party to show our graditude and appriciation .I had a hugh yard sale to help with cost, but i was told to also ask for donations. I really want to steer clear of that idea if I can, because I don`t want them to pay for a party that is for them. If you would like to know more please contact me through my E-MAIL address that I have provided. and again thank you , your site is ” Brilliant”.

  24. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you so much!!! :) And thanks for sharing Season of Shadows with your friends.

    That’s a great idea to introduce the public to your new station with a Halloween party!

    I wish you all the best with the giveaway.

  25. Michele Says:

    I actually work on our family (and now a couple of friend’s) costumes all year, so I love places like this to get ideas. It’s all in the accessories and creating a scene, whether decorating your home, or decorating you! So I had to try for these great prizes.
    Thanks for the ideas and inspirations offered here!

  26. John Wolfe Says:

    My pleasure, Michele. Thanks so much for visiting and I wish you the best in your costume making. Good luck in the giveaway!

  27. Anthony Says:

    First and Foremost Your site is sweet and your Zombies are SICK ( in a good way ) !!! I’m still learning the great art of “Corpsing” and the how-to section gave me some great ideasJ I have made Two so far for this years Halloween yard haunt and could really use the gift card to help me in my quest to scare the living snot out of the neighbors!

    Anyway, Keep up the great work and take care
    Anthony ( I’m still working on a spooky Halloween nickname)

  28. John Wolfe Says:

    I appreciate it, Anthony! Thank you.

    Glad the how-to has helped out. I’m wanting to add more to that section in the coming winter months too. Best of luck with the giveaway and scaring the snot out of your neighbors! :)

  29. NYTEWYND Says:



  30. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, NYTEWYND! Please, thank JP for me and I appreciate you referring Season of Shadows to your friends. Good luck in the giveaway!

  31. Paul Melniczek Says:

    Thanks for having such a cool giveaway. Read this on Ghostdroppings, which has led me to some great sites.

    Happy Halloween!


  32. John Wolfe Says:

    Glad you came by, Paul! Happy Halloween to you too. :D