Gothic Tarot

July 24th, 2009 by John Wolfe

In continuing along the similar vein of yesterday’s Halloween Numerology entry, I found this fantastic tarot set filled with imagery of ghosts, gargoyles, wolves, vampires, and other assorted creatures of the night. I’m especially fond of the image on the death card, which is featured in the lower left-hand corner. All the artwork belongs to Joseph Vargo and the deck is produced and sold by his company, Monolith Graphics. Though this set visually breaks rank with traditional tarot decks, it features a standard format and is said to be just as capable of providing divination. Recently, I’ve been pondering my next move for an upcoming SOS giveaway. I think I’ve found my source in Vargo’s artwork and Monolith’s wide array of products (not just tarot).

Photo source: Monolith Graphics

8 Responses to “Gothic Tarot”

  1. autumnforest Says:

    You find the neatest stuff! I agree, that death card is really cool. I’m a cemetery freak myself, so I love that card especially.

  2. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, that makes my day. :) I often work for many hours searching for very cool, yet unique and obscure items.

    You’re not alone concerning an interest in cemeteries, we’ve grown fond of visiting them because of our EVP sessions.

  3. Atrueoriginall Says:

    Awesome picture, awesome find!

  4. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, Eileen!

  5. Goldie Says:

    Like I’ve said dear friend SOS is the official “Halloween Library” in my opinion and clearly of your other readers as well. That’s what makes SOS so addicting, your talent for finding thee most unique things related to Halloween or the paranormal. This website is a LIBRARY I tell ya!!! I too love the death card but I’m also partial to the upper left hand corner one of the lady gliding down the staircase. Those are very striking colors and the art work is just incredible. Which card is that one John?

    Speaking of cemeteries, I’ve just got to go back to the “old-city” cemetery because upon placing my digital recorder down at that same mausoleum, there was a female voice that was recorded noticing I’ve returned……”you’ve returned!” Talk about chills and yet excitement. Moreover, your right about my grandpa, you have no idea how wild my mind has been going over the image of those little tomatoes looking like brand new, yet Noni’s and Grandma’s are totally gone, like I never filled them in May. Plus we’ve had 100 degree days, they should be tomato soup……..but their not………hmmmm. I can’t help but to go back again, I know you understand why. Much Love darling and keep up the great work!

  6. John Wolfe Says:

    Thanks, so much, Goldie! It’s become a goal of mine for SOS to become one of a handful of sites that represent the destination for all things Halloween/spooky online. I’m glad it’s starting to live up to that, at least in a small way, as time goes on.

    I’m not sure which card the lady on the staircase represents, but I’ll check Monolith Graphics and get back with you.

    It’s great when you receive EVP’s that show awareness of your presence and a recollection of the fact you’ve been there before. Congratulations on making an acquaintance who’s clearly glad to see you! I absolutely understand why you’re compelled to keep going back.

  7. Goldie Says:

    Duh Goldie! Of course, upon going to MG’s website I found out the label of the cards you had displayed: (starting upper left hand corner and then across)
    1- Ten of Wands
    2- Five of Pentacles
    3- Death
    4- Eight of Cups

  8. John Wolfe Says:

    Glad you found it. I should have known those, but it’s been a long time since I worked with tarot cards. Regarding the t-shirts, I did check those out and really liked them!