Jack-O-Lantern 4

March 8th, 2009 by John Wolfe

This jack-o-lantern was inspired by my great aunt. I can remember hearing a story years ago about how her husband was arguing quite frequently with her. On one particular occasion, she took a toothpick and wrote some choice four-letter words in his butter container. When he went to butter his toast in the morning, there was the greeting carved out for him – sort of like a foulmouthed fortune cookie. :) While I replaced the butter with peanut butter, I did use my aunt’s implement of choice for creating the jack-o-lantern image. Glad I had some creamy on hand instead of chunky.

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4 Responses to “Jack-O-Lantern 4”

  1. Goldie Says:

    LoL….no I should type…..LMAO!!! Now I never thought about writing in the butter idea but when I saw this picture and KNEW this was your crafty work before even reading the blog I thought playfully, “now it’s official, John’s gone off the deep end for Halloween!” LOL…..you really do wake, eat, drink, sleep, shower, dream……Halloween, do you not? ;-) I bet your glad for the approaching warm spring days so you can start working on your corpses again. Summer for me, this year, has a strange meaning (countdown for sure sadly!) but I’ve got to show T this picture. Then again maybe I shouldn’t ’cause then she’ll start drawing in her food ;-) OH, her dad caught us playing “Scarecrows” the other night and said, “I don’t recall downloading this game?”…..as she was doing her best to ring the bell to “daddy, watch, I’ll raise the dead!” LoL……I had some quick explaining to do. Keep up the great work sweetie and we’ll catch up soon, shortly! TeeHee. Have a great day.

    Much Love, Goldie

  2. John Wolfe Says:


    I went off the deep end a long time ago. :) My goal is to create one jack-o-lantern face out of new material each and every day, so I’ve got to use anything I can. This project has become an interesting test of consistency, but also relaxing and releasing any critique or judgment of my work. That last part is proving to be very valuable. When making a commitment to create one-a-day, there’s no time to spend hours and hours doing it. It’s all about having fun while being quickly creative.

    That cracked me up about T and her dad. Where did she learn the phrase, “raising the dead”? Talking about that game always reminds me it’s been too long since I’ve played it. I did try it a few days ago and was able to break a score of 400.

  3. Goldie Says:

    It is a lid! Ok John, just for you T and I will scoop out some PB and make our pumpkin faces too, I’ll take a photo and send it to you sometime next weekend.

  4. John Wolfe Says:

    Make sure and keep an eye on her while she uses the toothpicks.