Stone Skulls Giveaway

August 7th, 2011 by John Wolfe

This giveaway has closed. I’ll be in touch with the winners soon. Finding we were super early for an appointment last week, my mom and I decided to stop off at a rock shop tucked away in the upper level of a uniquely designed strip mall. (I can’t hear the phrase “strip mall” without breaking into a chorus of the theme from the old Comedy Central sitcom by the same name, starring Julie Brown. Anyone else remember that one from 2000? Okay, maybe it’s just me. Never mind… back to business. :) ) Going along for the rock shop ride, because I know minerals and gemstones are a huge passion of my mom’s (not so much for me), I didn’t really expect to find anything I couldn’t live without — but, I was wrong. Well, almost…

…Actually, what I found won’t be staying in my hot little hands for long. Instead, I’m passing my purchase on to you guys. Two separate winners will each receive one of these hand carved skulls artistically whittled from a rock called snowflake obsidian. I immediately fell in love with the colors, since they sort of look like the black and gray of Season of Shadows. The half dollar in the photo provides a rough idea of their size, and each solid skull weighs 1.5 ounces. While these skulls aren’t really going to add much to a home haunt, I think they’re perfect for knicknack or tchotchke-like Halloween displays in your home or office.

By the way, if you’re ever in Albuquerque and you’ve got a thing for rocks and gems, or just a thing for carved skulls (’cause they have lots of them done in all sorts of mediums!), I highly recommend a visit to “Mama’s Minerals” tucked away in a strip mall on Lomas and San Mateo. And if you never make it to Albuquerque, you can still have a Mama’s experience through their website.

Guidelines for Entering the Stone Skulls Giveaway

Please, only one entry per household. Duplicate entries from the same IP will be deleted. These giveaways are really based on the honor system, but I do my best to make it as fair as possible for everyone. There’s no catch here, everything is free — including payment of shipping and handling for the stone skulls — I cover all costs. To be entered, leave a comment below showing your interest.

Depending upon the volume of entries, comments may only be displayed under this post for a short time. As entries grow, I may remove comments to make it easier for visitors to scroll to the comment box and enter. However, I guarantee all entries will be saved in the order they are received.

When leaving a comment, be sure to include your correct e-mail address and be certain to keep track of your spam or bulk folder after the drawing closes, just in case. Each winner will be contacted through the e-mail address that’s registered with their comment. I will never share addresses, provided by entrants, with any third parties and you’ll never receive unsolicited mail when entering.

This stone skull contest will end at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on September 7th, 2011. All legitimate entries will then be assigned a number in the order they were received. Two numbers will be randomly drawn to determine the winners.

Both winners will then be notified, via the email addresses they provided, no later than September 9th. If one, or both don’t respond (with their shipping information) within two weeks, then one (or two) more number(s) will be drawn to determine the new winner(s). Upon receiving their permission, the winners’ names will be featured at the top of this post.

If you would like to see your Halloween or paranormal website or business promoted through SoS and you have some appropriately themed items to give away, please contact me.

25 Responses to “Stone Skulls Giveaway”

  1. Tony Simonetti Says:

    Those look awesome!!! I’d love one! :D
    Nice giveaway.

  2. Paul Melniczek Says:

    John, my friend. How are you? It’s always cool to see an e-mail from Seasons of Shadows. And it’s like adding gravy on top when there is another contest. ;) I’ll post another link to here from my FB page!

  3. Ethan Black Says:

    Wow, those are cool. Count me in!

  4. Damian Says:

    Oh man, those look awesome! If I win, I’ll add it to my Halloween Mantle (something I always do for my Halloween party: decorate the mantle above my fireplace). But to everyone else entering, I wish y’all best of luck!

  5. ssflipo13 Says:

    John another awesome give away! These snowflake obsidian skulls are Great! I love the stone and it`s protective qualities and healing properties. I can see why you were attracted to it.

    OBSIDIAN: Beneficially influences stomach and intestines. Connects mind and emotions. Slightly masculine energy. Grounds spiritual-energy into physical plane. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps clear subconscious blocks. brings an understanding of silence and “the void”. Detatchment, but with wisdom and love. Powerful healer for those attuned to it. (1)

    You should have gotten one for your self and kept it.

  6. John Wolfe Says:

    Tony Simonetti,

    Thanks for entering.

    Paul Melniczek,

    Great to hear from you, as always, Paul! I’m doing better, my friend. Taking it one day at a time. I’m working with doctors from a couple of angles now and I’m about to add a third angle into the mix the end of this month. My diet is starting to come around to where I’m getting more food consistently, too. I feel quite a bit stronger physically now, especially when compared to May and June.

    Thanks for your kindness. I’m glad my blog e-mail alerts are a welcome sight. :) And thank you for the Facebook link love – so very much appreciated.

    Ethan Black,

    Awesome! You’re entered, brother.


    Thanks for entering, my friend. If you do win (and even if you don’t) I’d love to see a pic of the skull and the rest of your Halloween treasure trove on the mantle. Let me know if you post one on your blog please.


    That’s so groovy! I had no idea the energy associated with obsidian was beneficial for the digestive system. How do you like that for synchronicity? There’s definitely no such thing as a coincidence. I think I’ll be making a trip back to Mama’s Minerals very soon to make another purchase for myself. Thank you so much for the valuable info.

  7. Jason Says:

    Man those look cool. Would love to have them for Halloween. Maybe I will win??????????????

  8. Arlena Morton Says:

    Never been hear before, cool site! The stone skulls are awesome!

  9. Dex Says:

    Very cool! I’m always amazed when I see tiny sculpting like this.

  10. Adam Says:

    Very cool. Please add my name to the list.

  11. Barry Huddleston Says:

    Q: What type of art do skeletons like?
    A: Skull tures

    hee heee heee

  12. John Wolfe Says:


    Thanks! I appreciate your participation in the giveaway.

    Arlena Morton,

    Thank you! Welcome to Season of Shadows.


    Great to hear from you. Hope you’ve been doing well. Thanks for entering.


    You’re all entered, Adam.

    Barry Huddleston,

    That one took me a second, but then I got it. LoL!

  13. Annamarie Dodge Says:

    i would really love to win these!!!! please please please!!!!

  14. Doug Says:

    Yikes! Been away from the computer a lot lately and haven’t visited the site in a while. Glad I checked it out today, haha. Hope to win one of these. They look extremely cool. How’s the prop building coming along, John?

  15. John Wolfe Says:

    Annamarie Dodge,

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway.


    Great to hear from you! I’ve been getting my shop organized outdoors right now where it’s cooler so I can get back to work on Little Grim. I won’t have any new props to add to the haunt this year, but I’m still going to set up a small display of groundbreakers and will have the cam running on the haunt. How’s your prep going?

  16. Morticia Says:

    Love the skulls!

  17. John Wolfe Says:


    Awesome! Glad you like ‘em. Thanks for entering and welcome to the site.

  18. Paul Melniczek Says:

    John, Seasons of Shadows helps keep Halloween going strong the year long. We’re in the same mode, as I write Halloween fiction all year. But your posts and updates help keep the inspiration rolling no matter the month. Glad to hear your health is improving! Excellent news my friend.

  19. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you so very much, my friend. It’s an honor to know a talented Halloween guy such as yourself is inspired by my labor of love here at SoS. That’s so cool! And thanks for the well wishes. It feels good to be getting my bearings again.

  20. SKAustin Says:

    Hey John, Long time. I just got back from Salem, Mass and I’m starting to get the inspiration back. This Summer was a tough one, and really took the mood out of me, but a stroll thru the Old Burying Point Cemetery, and all of the witch shops really lifted my spirits. Anyways, while I was out there I just picked up one of these skulls made of Picasso Jasper Stone. I would have loved to find one in Snowflake Obsidian, so I’d love to be added to the list. Im still trying to catch you in the ChatBox, but seems when I’m home, nobody is there, and I cant access the chat from work anymore.

  21. John Wolfe Says:


    Great to hear from you! Don’t feel bad about the summer — I don’t have any new props created myself for this year. I’m still going to host the haunt this October, but scale it down a bit. I’m glad to hear you’ve been getting some inspiration again — Salem is the place to do it! I hope things are getting better.

    I’m usually not in the chatbox all that often, but I’ll keep an eye out for you. If we keep missing one another, send me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for entering the giveaway.

  22. Pat Says:

    These are really cool! I checked out the website and they are a bit pricey but great stuff. Very generous of you John to offer these to us. T-minus 60 days and counting!! Whoo Hooo!!!

  23. John Wolfe Says:


    It’s my pleasure. Thank you for entering and for supporting Season of Shadows. It’s amazing to think Halloween is already that close!

  24. Stephanie D Says:

    Finally getting caught up with my blog reading and OH SO GLAD I got to yours, John! Woohoo! Would you please add my name to the cauldron? Thanks!

  25. John Wolfe Says:

    Stephanie D,

    Thanks for entering, my friend.