The Day After

November 1st, 2010 by John Wolfe

Halloween 2010 has officially come and gone and prior to working on the latest haunt photo page, I wanted to show a little sneak peek pic from last night (click image if you’d like to see a larger view). Speaking of last night, it was one of the most rewarding Halloweens so far, but also one of the busiest, from many standpoints. In that vein, I’d like to sincerely apologize for not getting the webcam started when I originally stated. There are a ton of reasons I can give for why that didn’t happen, but ultimately it’s all my fault and I am so sorry. Then, on top of not getting it running on time, there were several technical difficulties compounding the situation for both cameras.

Despite this, overall it was a great night, and the haunt cam did finally run for about ninety minutes, but I know I let you guys down, and for that I apologize. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.

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  1. Autumnforest Says:

    Buddy, glad it all went well. Yeah, technical glitches do suck, but they happen and you’re certainly not responsible for that. I always blame it on “gremlins.” We had a lame-o Halloween in the apartment building. I fully expected the little ones to go nuts–tons of places to hit. Well, my window display was scary and the ones who did show up were fascinated to no end! I didn’t get to see your footage since I was having my son and his fiancee over. I hope you’ll be following up with some footage and pics.

  2. Damian the HalloweeNut Says:

    That’s an awesome image! Happy Hallowe’en!!

  3. Goldie Says:

    John, thank you so very much for posting this sneak peak picture for us of your yard haunt last night!!! This is truly stunning work my friend and I do believe you out did yourself this year. Wow!!! Everything looks incredible and thanks to this tease, I am STARVING for the rest of the visuals…starving for it ;-) Of course we only have a sneak peak here but from what I can see, the corn stalks seemed to add a delightful touch this year being bound up and placed around the haunt. I like that look much better, seems more real and there’s not quite the same glare as there was with a fence of corn stalk.

    All of the pumpkins looked incredible, what an extraordinary touch honey. Nicely done. When the porch webcam was running last night, I heard a mom say, ” the front looks incredible and it’s obvious a lot of work went into it, well done!” I think she was talking to your mom, who was most appreciative of her kind comments, as was I. Sadly, due to the webcam situation, we didn’t have much of a chance to see any of the action like we did last year but you had so much on your plate this year for the haunt, you really couldn’t devote the time to tech problems and there seemed to be many of those. Computers….always somewhat unpredictable.

    THANKFULLY you took tons of photos and hopefully lots and lots of video footage because I am HUNGRY to see more, more, MORE!!! Your yard haunts John are my highlights of the year so I’m most anxious to see your footage. Also, if you have the time, I would love to hear more about how Halloween went for you, what took place, how things moved along so I hope you share quite a bit with us.

    I wanted to give a shout out to David, Joe, Stephen and Camile for some awesome chat last night in the chat box. Everyone was very kind and just as excited about Halloween as I was. Despite not much happening in the webcam department, we all continued to hang out, chat and share our Halloween night together so I wanetd to thank them all for the wonderful time we had last night :-) On that note, I hope your doing well sweetie, get some rest and eat something will ya! I look forward to your next posting and thank you again for this pic. It just made my new wallpaper on the laptop ;-) Thank you dear.

  4. SKAustin Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you did finally get some resolve to your webcam problem. While I cant speak for everyone, I can say that while I did stop in to check out the webcam, I was more than happy just getting the chance to say Hi.

    It’s great news to hear that your Halloween was a rewarding one, and look forward to more photos of your haunt.

    Keep in touch

  5. Donna Says:

    Hi, John…I really missed seeing your Haunt this year. Checked in several times, but it was down, or it wouldn’t let me log in. I was looking forward to spending some time watching, since our own Haunt was cancelled. Boy, talk about Haunt withdrawal !
    Sorry you were having problems. By the way…I just didn’t have the heart to carve our home grown pumpkin. We’re just so proud of it, we want to keep it around for a while!

  6. Doug Says:

    I am sorry to hear about the problems with the cams. My Halloween was GREAT!

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and he is 69 now! Unfortunately, my Halloween night lacked any Halloween-ness to it. We get another chance every year, though. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got brewing for the 2011 season!

  7. themadblonde Says:

    Having enjoyed your blog all month long, I can hardly say I was disappointed. Sorry you had tech difficulties, but hope the evening was a good one for you nonetheless. Not only did we have a record # of trick or treaters (64! It’s usually just under 60), but I got to go out to a few local “haunted homes” w/ my young cousin who had come into the city from the southern burbs where NO-ONE tricks or treats, apparently. We had a great time, & I think the folks who were haunting also did. Thought of you & your amazing efforts throughout the evening, so you were certainly present, at least in spirit. :-)

  8. John Wolfe Says:


    Glad to hear your window display made the night for the kids who did show up! And yeah, the gremlins were working out their frustrations apparently. ;) I will definitely be posting the 2010 haunt’s photo page in a few days and I also shot some video as well that I’ll be working on editing soon. The vid will take me a while longer cause I’m wanting to select the music, along with adding a couple of other things.

    Damian the HalloweeNut,

    Thanks, man!


    Thank you. I do appreciate that very much!!!! This was by far the most extensive setup I’ve/we’ve (cause my family was a HUGE help too) done, so it feels good to know all the extra attention to detail comes through, even from a single photo.

    There were a lot of super kind folks stopping by and giving us nice feedback. Thankfully I was able to talk with a few of the visitors, but everything was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to connect with people as much as I would have liked. The technical glitches were a large part of the cam issues, but another part was time constraints. Despite starting the actual prep of displaying the haunt (including all the detail work on the front porch) the night before Halloween, and then getting a 3:30 AM start on Halloween morning, I just flat ran out of time. Even with all the wonderful contributions and efforts my family provided, I was still finishing prep at 7:30 that night and never sat down to eat (aside from breakfast) all day long. That’s just the way it is though when you have a haunt that grows larger each year and has to go up and come down in what’s essentially a single day.

    Next year the haunt will have even more additions, so I’m not going to make any predictions about the webcam. I’d love to have it running, but taking into consideration what happened this year, along with the fact I’m a firm believer in keeping my word — I don’t want to commit to a promise I’m not sure I can keep. It’s been two days and I still feel like a major jackass for not being able to have it running when I said I would.

    I am happy to hear you guys did enjoy having some conversation in the chat box on Halloween night, though, even without any cam action.

    Thanks again and I’m glad you enjoyed the photo enough to make it your wallpaper.


    Thanks, my friend, that does lessen the sting a little pertaining to the whole webcam debacle. I hope your haunt was a ton of fun!


    I’m so sorry it wasn’t available, Donna. I feel horrible about it. :( I hear you about not having the heart to carve your homegrown pumpkin — I was the same way. I’m actually going to take a good chunk of the pumpkins from my display (including the two big guys I grew) to a local food bank in the next week or so. That way I won’t have to carve them and at least I’ll know they’ve gone to hopefully helping to feed someone or maybe even a family.


    Thanks. Glad to hear you had a great Halloween! I’m looking forward to checking out your post.

    I’ve got a few ideas for 2011 and am excited about starting on the first one in the next couple of weeks.


    Thank you, Karen! Congrats on your record number of trick-or-treaters! It sounds like you had an awesome night between getting to entertain the kids and watching others doing the same. And thanks for thinking of me and the haunt. :D

  9. Julie Says:

    I am looking forward to all your pictures of your amazing displays.

  10. Camile Says:

    John, you are the most wonderful tease! That picture of your angel is so stunning and just like Goldie I’m calling for more!!! If that’s just one picture…. OMGosh! The rest are going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to see them!!!!

    Please don’t beat yourself up too much over the webcams, ok? We all do the very best we can and when things prove to be more challenging in a way we can’t anticipate or help then that’s *far* from being your fault!!! When I’ve been stressed about some element of my haunt not working the way I intended my Mom has always been quick to ask me “Did the kids notice? Were they any the wiser? Did it lessen the great experience that they had?” Usually I have to say no, that it’s just me wanting everything to work a particular way and therefore be less stressful to me, but as long as the kids had a blast and you got awesome comments from the adults- don’t give yourself any grief over the rest, ok? ::hugs::

    Might there be a way next year to set up some of the elements a little further in advance? Maybe like putting out the corn stalks and a few other things earlier than the day of Halloween? If I can sort out a way to clone myself between now and next Halloween I will because I always feel like I wish there were more of me to help get things just how I want them and never enough time. If I can clone me I’ll send a few me’s to your house and you can use us as worker drones, ok? ;) I’ll keep a few me’s here to order around and get it all done! :D

    I know for myself, just being able to stop by the chat and wish everyone a Happy Halloween and check in to see that everyone was well was a great thing!

    I think taking your pumpkins to a food bank is an incredible idea! So generous and giving and so like you! I’m just not the least bit surprised that you would do that! You are a good man, my friend! :) !!

    We had a good turn out- about 650 kids which was far more manageable than the 900+ we had last year so that was a relief! I had a little more time in between running around and adjusting sound levels, refilling foggers/chillers with ice and fog juice and fixing this and that to talk with folks and enjoy the evening. Kieran had a blast! He loved playing host and this year he was promoted from “#1 haunt helper” to “director in charge of special effects, foggers, lights etc.” so he was very proud and I was his worker bee working from his direction. He also carved, sculpted, joint compounded and painted his first tombstone from his own design so that got theee place of honor out in our graveyard. He knew exactly how he wanted it lit and everything.

    We set most everything up over the course of the month and saved the more weather sensitive and dramatic props until the last week. We used Friday day to finish setting up and we used Friday night as a dress rehearsal night. Saturday we were open for trick or treaters but we only got a handful but that was good because it gave us a chance to work out a few bugs and play in the fog and be silly and just enjoy our haunt with just the two of us. (We have deeply patient and understanding neighbors!)

    So I have to say that all in all we had a great year! I most definitely want to thank you for inspiring us and cheering us on and being such a supportive friend! Halloween has become even more of a joy than it always is because we have you and all the friends we’ve made here and feel such a sense of community and friendship so THANK YOU so much for that gift!!!!
    (Sorry this turned into such a long post!) :)

  11. ssflipo13 Says:

    That angel of Death looks awesome! Hope you got more pics of your haunt. Would love to see them.
    I on the other hand was busy from morning till just before the tots came round. My daughter and I spent the whole day setting up. And forgot to charge the camera ,but when I remembered couldnt find the charger.
    Cant wait to see and read more about your haunt. take care for now

  12. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you. I’m hoping to have the 2010 photo page posted either tomorrow or Saturday.


    Thanks, my friend! I absolutely appreciate your kind feedback and great comment! I’m glad to hear you also just enjoyed being able to check in with everyone on Halloween night, despite the cam issues. And yeah, I’m trying to let the stress of the whole webcam thing go and will absolutely have to make changes to next year’s prep to have things ready well ahead of time.

    Not only will there be changes made to the Halloween week prep but also major changes will have to be made during the many weeks and months ahead of the big night as well. I always felt I’d been fairly well organized during past Halloweens, but as both the haunt and website continue to grow and expand, I’m going to have to take organization to a whole new level. This year showed me that lesson and essentially gave me a preview into what I’d better start doing differently. And I definitely wouldn’t turn down a few Camile clones if there are any to spare. ;)

    It sounds like you guys had an awesome night! I’m happy to hear you and Kieran had a lot of fun. It’s also good that the trick-or-treaters were arriving in smaller amounts this year for you guys – that takes a huge load off and allows more time to spend with the haunt and interacting at a more personal level with your visitors.

    Working on Season of Shadows and knowing it’s had that much of a positive influence on your Halloween experience means so much to me!!!! Thank you for expressing that and for being such a big part of the site and the Halloween celebration I partake in year-round! :D


    Thank you! I’ll be posting more haunt pics very soon. Sorry to hear you didn’t get pictures of your haunt, but at least you and your daughter got to spend some great time together on Halloween. You take care, too.