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The veil guarding the world of the dead wears thin. Restless souls stir and awaken from their slumber, once more tasting the breath of life, then slipping into the inky darkness. With night serving as their ally, they seek out the objects of their desire- escaping their misty realm and encroaching upon that of the living. The physical landscape prepares for its encounter with what lies beyond, while minds race and reach for rational explanations to deny what their eyes bare witness to.

This is supernatural. This is paranormal. This is Halloween - the time of year where the ethereal door is left ajar, exposing the passageway between the living and the dead. All shadows, all shapes, all objects bathed in moonlight become suspect. Can you be certain, between the howling of the wind and the crunching of the leaves, there isn't something ghostly walking among us?

This site serves as a vehicle, traversing the landscape of All Hallow's Eve and the subject matter that inspires its celebration - from the creepy to the paranormal.

Site Content

Halloween & Paranormal Blog Posts: The Blog delves into assorted Halloween items, Halloween projects, ghosts, creepy stuff and all manner of things that go bump in the night.

Halloween Water Bottles: Help generate awareness about UNICEF's Tap Project - providing sustainable drinking water for children throughout the world - by spreading the word with Season of Shadows Water Bottles.

Halloween Image Galleries: Pictures from Halloween night and the home Haunt we create each year.

Halloween Videos: The Halloween Video section features fly-on-the-wall recordings called Halloween Haunter's Reality. Each installment covers different preparations for the SOS yard haunt.

Halloween 2010 Preview: The 2010 Preview Page takes you through video updates of the Angel of Death prop build for Halloween 2010.

Halloween Radio: Some of the best Halloween and dark ambient, atmospheric music available today can be enjoyed in the Halloween Radio section.

Projects & Tutorials: How-To Halloween projects that have been inspired by others and through my own discoveries, for building props that will add a haunting touch to your home at Halloween.

Halloween Game: Play the Google Gadget version of the awesome online game A Murder of Scarecrows.

Creative Writing: Halloween Chaos features snippits of fiction that ooze Halloween imagery and themes.

Make A Donation: Your generous donation helps Season of Shadows stay online for many years to come.

Halloween Webcam: A live feed from the SOS workshop, the Halloween cam provides a peek into the progression of my creepy creations. On Halloween evening, the feed moves to showing live yard haunt footage.

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